Time Attendance System

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Time and attendance systems are used to track and monitor when the employees start and finish their work, these attendance system enables an employer to monitor the working hours, late arrivals, early departures, break times and absenteeism of its employees, It also helps control labor costs by reducing overpayments, which are often caused by paying employees for non-working time, and eliminates transcription errors, misinterpretations, and deliberate errors, These systems can also be used to ensure compliance with work regulations regarding proof of presence

The time tracking system is critical when accountability for labor costs is required, These time recording terminals are designed in such a way so that they are located at strategic points and can be used to record the input / output times for all employees, Since most of them have a keyboard, they can also be used to collect production order or accounting data, Any combination of proximity reader, fingerprint reader or code access is available at these terminals.Below are few benefits of installing Biometric security systems:
# Biometric security system is more reliable & strong in ID verification of a person at high security areas like bank, R&D labs, government organization.
# Physiological characteristic or biometric character cannot be guess or stolen. So, the chance of uncertainty is very less and authentication level is highly accurate.
# Biometric security system is less expose to damage and sudden changes. So, the crime chances are very less.
# Since, biometric security uses a unique physiological characteristic. So, it is very useful and reliable in marinating the record of any particular employee or customer.
# It is easy to install and very user friendly.

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