Smart Locks

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Smart Lock is an electromechanical lock that allows you to open and lock your doors with a virtual key consisting of fingerprint, face, code and RFID card to solve the problem of lost keys and to enable a range of intelligent and useful functions.

Our intelligent locker solutions are an essential part of our access control system. From locker room lockers in fitness and sports halls to locker rooms in schools and companies, Promote Mantra provides efficient locker security thanks to the electronic smart locks and complete locker solutions provided

Administrators have full control over their locker rooms and visitors enjoy greater ease of use:

  • No more problems with blocked locks.
  • Members losing their keys or coins and missing their belongings for days.
  • It has never been easier to manage your dressing room.

Smart lock is the advance electromagnetic devices which lock and unlock after getting signal from authorized devices, password key or Identical human body parts (like face reading, figure prints). It is highly secure way to protect your valuable things. No one can access it, unless he or she have authorized object. We don't need any physical key. Inbuilt alarm system, almost every smart lock has inbuilt has inbuilt alarm. This means if any unauthorized people tries to operate, alarm start and make you aware and save you from any mishappening. We at Promote Mantra offers you Finger print lock, Face lock, Hotel lock and EM Lock & Brackets.