Gate Automation System

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Automated entrance gates are a good first level of security, Automatic and electric gate drives are designed for both swing and sliding gates, It's an undeniable fact that nothing is more luxurious than having comfort at hand, and Gate Automation System is the perfect example, With gate automation technology, users can safely enter and exit the property without having to manually open the gates, It also saves you the task of getting out of your vehicle to open the gate, drive through it, and then close it.

Security Purpose is the first and most important reason why more and more people are installing these automated gate systems in their respective residential and commercial properties, Since these gates are equipped with irreversibly driven motors, it is almost impossible to open these gates without your permission.

When it comes to industries and commercial properties, it is extremely important to keep track of people entering and leaving the property. And this automated gate system makes this work considerably easy, The installation of these systems also helps to reduce the overload at the entry and exit points.

Promote Mantra offers a full range of products, including the automation system for sliding gates, the automation system for swing gates and the automation system for swing gates.