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The entrance is an entrance to a visitor's destination for getting in and out, It is a passage that deals with the progress of visitors and workers in industry or in the open area, Entrance control systems are the most reliable and efficient method of passage control to ensure that an approved visitor can access any asset in an organization.

Our products provide a guaranteed safety in crowded areas, e.g. railway platforms, sports arenas, subway stations, etc., to allow only one pass at a time. It is a pedestrian barrier that is installed in conjunction with any access control system and provides valuable support to security personnel at every monitored entrance, This is available as a single or multi-track setup, The combined functions such as high throughput rate, user acceptance, comfort, attractive design and different security levels to prevent the safety of pedestrians through unauthorized access were also taken into account

At Promote Mantra, we draw on our in-depth expertise from a large pool of expert security professionals to offer IT security solutions that meet the main challenges faced by businesses today. Our IT security services aim to improve the agility, flexibility and profitability of future generations of information security and compliance programs. With our solutions, we ensure a holistic risk-focused approach for organizations.

Promote Mantra is aimed at customers who want to focus on their core business, Promote Mantra is very flexible in its design and can be customized for each customer. Often there is no specific know-how in the house or a third party opinion on the situation would be required. In addition, Promote Mantra can overcome an insufficient budget if there is a desire to use the best modern solutions.

Promote Mantra is one of the leading suppliers and system integrator of various embedded Security systems in the field of electronic security in the industrial, Transport & Traffic, corporate, Healthcare and residential sectors

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