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The security of public places has become an important concern, Anti-social elements are increasing and law enforcement agencies face unprecedented challenges, The ability to find hidden weapons and other destructive devices is of great help, and the manufacture of items in this area has developed extremely well.

A metal detector is an instrument that can detect, hidden weapons, explosives, etc. without having to search the body, The stationary detectors are more prominent and far more powerful than the small handheld type and speed up the scanning process of visitors considerably, This is generally accomplished by guiding people through these archways. These arches also enable optimal personnel management, since only one or two guards can ensure a disciplined flow of human traffic through them.

Aside from the person or body of visitors, luggage can also pose a significant threat to public safety in the transportation industry, Our products are designed to examine large amounts of luggage quickly and efficiently. These detectors are used at all important transport stations. The images are displayed in different colors so that employees can quickly identify suspicious shapes and materials.

At Promote Mantra we have hand help metal detector and Door frame metal detector. Metal detectors is used in high security area, it's an electronic instrument which help in detecting metal nearby. We offer advanced detection equipment for security and industrial application. Metal detector helps the security person to identify weapon and remove from that area. It helps the security person or police to stop violent act. Metal detector stop movement of weapons or harmful product from one place to place. It is used for security purpose at airport, railway station, metro station, education premises, R&D labs, Malls.

Baggage Scanner is an electronic device help in detecting the content of baggage and package. It helps in stopping the movement of metallic weapons, harmful objects, harmful drugs from one place to place. It helps in stopping the chain of crime, stablishing safe & secure place, decrease the crime rate and identifying & punishing the culprit.