Canteen Management System

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A canteen facility is an additional system that organizations provide for their employees, It is common for offices, factories, call centers, clubs and hospitals to run their own cafeterias for their employees, Many employees in an organization use canteen services because they lack the resources to prepare their own food or are unable to get it, A cafeteria management system is essential to keep an eye on food consumption.

Organizations with a large number of workforces cannot manage a canteen with manual processes. You need a central canteen management system that promotes efficient operation in order to cover a large number of employees.

Promote Mantra's canteen management system offers a user friendly interface for numerous menu design, billing functions and much more. This Canteen management system helps in the management of suppliers and several articles, central employee retention, inventory management, reimbursement and charging, the intelligent billing design, It is a fully automated canteen management system that ranges from planning an order to delivery including payments.